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  疯狂烤箱 从菜鸟到高手一书得到了大家的极高认可。天猫还进行了现场直播。梅依旧老师从新书疯狂烤箱 从菜鸟到高手中选择了三款省时易做的烤箱美食。烤羊肉串、牙签牛肉、干酪烤口蘑。每款基本只需十五分钟即可。用电烤箱烤制的食品是非常健康的,也是被众多营养师推崇的一种烹饪方式。


  At 13:00 p.m. on August 24th, China Light Industry Press held an activity about how to cook in an oven in the master’s kitchen of Beijing International Book Fair. This activity attracted many audience to participate in. Mei Yijiu, the author of "Crazy oven from rookie to master", and the audience interacted on the spot.

  "Crazy oven from rookie to master" has been highly valued. Mei Yijiu chose three easy and time-saving oven dishes, roast mutton string, toothpick beef and cheese roast mushroom, to cook from the new book "crazy oven". Each dishes only took fifteen minutes. Using electric oven to cook is considered very healthy, and it is also very popular among many nutritionists.

  The audience reacted enthusiastically, and many children were satisfied with it. Li Yibing, leader of China Light Industry Press, attended the event.